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Everything you save in your bublup folders can be instantly transformed into a custom web sites called rolls. They’re perfect for presentations, portfolios, and more. Customizable them with themes, colors, and unique layouts. The best part? Anyone can make them – no fancy coding required.

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Save recipes

DIY projects you can do in a day!

Taking on renovation projects can sometimes seem overwhelming, and doing it yourself can feel even more daunting. With that being said, there are plenty of quick and easy diy projects you can do to add a little personality to your home. Whether you’re putting together a flower arrangement or putting up a wall, these projects (big and small) will be rewarding additions to your house.

The world traveler’s checklist

Welcome to the start of your journey! I left to start traveling around the world nearly 200 days ago. In this roll, you’ll be able to find the items you can’t live without while on the road, documents you shouldn’t leave home without, and websites you’ll want to know as you plan a safe journey around the world.

Hiking: a lifetime sport that everyone can do

If you can walk, you can hike. But hiking is so much more than simply walking. You can hike for exercise, you can hike for fellowship and you can hike for fun. Here you’ll find tips for getting started, information about the health benefits of hiking and tips for hiking with kids. We’ve also got tips for first-time peak-baggers and thru-hikers.

Andrew myers' 3-D art

Welcome to the world of art as seen and created by andrew myers. Andrew myers has been creating art since 2002 in laguna beach, ca, during which time his art has evolved because of his constant quest to create unique and never seen before artwork. Andrew is a classically trained sculptor, who began his career creating narrative sculpture. He soon started to realize that he would never be as good as some of the great sculptors in history, so he began to explore the option of creating 3-d art using screws, recycled wood and acrylic cubes.

The best free reading workshop resources for teachers

Creating an effective reading workshop can be both time consuming and costly for teachers. However, when you have access to the right tools, it is an effective way to meet the needs of the range of students in your classroom.

Free beautiful online decodable phonics books for early readers and dyslexics

Here’s a great resource of free decodable books and stories found online. I use these fabulous readers as supplements with my students that I tutor reading online. All early readers can benefit from using decodable texts. Decodable texts are essential for dyslexic students.

Housesitting: a guide to rent-free accommodation around the world

Whether you’re looking for a free vacation or rent-free accommodation, housesitting is the answer you’ve been searching for. I’ll tell you where to find great assignments, how to make a stand-out profile, tips and tricks for being an amazing sitter, and more.

Sustainable tourism 101 for eco-friendly travelers

Sustainable tourism, also known as responsible tourism, is the idea that tourists should be aware of their impact on the places they visit. This collection of resources gives an overview of what sustainable tourism is, how we can travel more sustainably, how to protect the environment and animal populations, and sustainable destinations.

Food illusions

Your eyes will play tricks on you in this incredible food roll by chef ben churchill.

Mastering the art & science of chocolate chip cookies

When it comes to chocolate chip cookies, people are very passionate about what kind they like. Soft, chewy, cakey, or firm… no matter your preference, this guide will help you bake your perfect chocolate chip cookie!

Get inspired to roll your own®! Some sample rolls for you


How do I customize my roll?

Enter edit mode by clicking or tapping on the pencil icon in the upper left corner your roll. You can edit your roll in “live mode” if you want your audience to see changes instantaneously, or select “edit in draft mode”, to edit privately and publish when you’re done. Select “theme” and discover numerous premade themes to customize your roll with the perfect color scheme and style! see here for more information on themes.

How do I add a call to action (CTA) link to a roll?
  1.  Enter edit mode by clicking or tapping on the pencil icon in the upper left corner of your roll. You can edit your roll in “live mode” if you want your audience to see changes instantaneously, or select “edit in draft mode”, to edit privately and publish when you’re done. 
  2. Select the three dots button and then select the “widgets” icon
  3. Click “Include a call to action button.” There are 3 types of cta buttons you can add. You can only have 1 active call-to-action (cta) at a time. After filling out the proper fields, click “save.”
How do I make my rolls not downloadable?

The “disable downloads” setting prevents those who view your roll from downloading audio, video, and image files. This is a premium feature which requires an upgraded plan.

How do I brand my roll?

You can include your organization’s brand when creating and sharing a roll, instead of the Bublup logo. Make your brand visible to your audience to elevate your content’s professionalism. This feature requires a premium account to utilize. See here for more information.

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